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Greater Poland Lake District


The Greater Poland Lakeland is an area with a varied topography, which is mostly located in the Greater Poland National Park. There are places related to the oldest history of Poland and numerous legends in this area. It is in the Greater Poland Lakeland that the famous Gopło Lake is located, as...

Greater Poland museums


As befits the cradle of the Polish state, Greater Poland is a land rich in numerous monuments. Interesting exhibits can also be found in museums in Greater Poland. The most valuable monuments can be seen in Poznań, at the National Museum. The museum also has several important branches, including...

Kórnicka Route


Wielkopolska boasts many places that have played a very important role in the history of Poland. The Piast Route is of course the most famous, however, and the Kórnicka Route deserves the attention of tourists. It is a car trail that takes up to two days to cover. Tourists following it can reach...

Trzcianka - here every journey begins and ends


In terms of tourism, northern Greater Poland is constantly growing. My family Trzcianka is developing. It is all the more pleasing, because not only its inhabitants can benefit from this development, but also people who actively tourism. Trzcianka - a city in the Czarnkowsko-Trzcianecki poviat -...